November 17, 2023

OSFF Fall Hackathon 2023

Have you ever heard of the term "BIOS“ or “firmware”? Have you ever wondered what it is about and why it often is a surface of attacks in the past? Why is everybody talking about open source nowadays and how is this connected to the PC or laptop you are owning and using all day long? If you are curious to learn the real truth behind modern firmware, we invite you to go down the rabbit hole with us, really deep down. You will see what modern firmware looks like and where the pitfalls and possible backdoors are on a device you put all your private data on.

You will see why security in firmware matters and how open source firmware gives you back the control of the device you own and trust. You will understand which components are there and pretend they are just booting up your system, and what the are capable to do beside their original task.

The OSFF is hosting a weekend long open source firmware hackathon this November in Germany together with the support from 9elements (thanks again!), Bochum Cube5 and Siemens. The event is aimed for firmware developers and enthusiasts, from beginners to professionals, everyone is welcome!

We will provide drinks and snacks all weekend long so that you can hack all-day, all-night on your open-source firmware projects of choice.

Attention: Places are limited, so act fast! (head to the bottom page for the ticket button)

Event Flow

The event is arranged in a more free and easy way (including all sort of surprises!)

Friday/17 Nov:
2pm - Registration
3pm - Introduction to OSF & Agenda Overview
4pm - Hacking starts - brick the hardware!
7pm - Dinner
12am - The night ends
Sat/18 Nov:
9am - 2nd day starts - keep hacking!
12pm - Lunch
7pm - The night is still young
12am - The night ends
Sun/19 Nov:
9am - Last day hacking - it never stop, it never will
12pm - Lunch & packing
2pm - Event offcially ends


  • getting started with open source firmware
  • coreboot
  • edk2
  • deploying open source firmware on hardware
  • rust in firmware
  • firmware security and exploitation


  • Free self-service food
  • Free flow of snacks & drinks

What do you need to prepare?

  • Get a ticket
  • Bring your own laptop
  • Feel free to bring your own developement hardware
  • A place to stay
  • A multiple socket in your luggage

You want more details? With pleasure:

  • WiFi will be available.
  • The venue is 5 mins walking distance from Bochum main station (Bochum Hbf)

This event is organized in cooperation with

Hard Facts


WorkInn Bochum Innenstadt
Südring 25
44787 Bochum

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November 17, 14:00 - November 19, 14:00 CEST